1-Month Premium Account - Defenders of The Cross

1-Month Premium Account

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Unlock the power of Premium! Become one of the Players that enjoy a different gaming experience. The Premium Subscription grants you exclusive access to Premium Maps, early access to Defenders of the Cross content and places where you can get some great experience points.

As a premmy player, your chances of “perma-death” lower by 5%. Meaning the chances of having your character deleted are much less.

Premium Players also get access to a very cool function, Reborn. When reaching the max level many wish to resume getting stats and power. A reborn allows you to go back to level 1, without removing your stat points. This function will let you restart and use other Job Classes, while still maintaining the stats you worked hard to have. You will also keep any Unique Skills, Mega Skill or Discipline you acquired. It can only be done when you reach level 251 and over. To activate it you need to speak to Cornell in the Canyon City with the M.O.B System.

That isn’t all you receive, you’ll get some special commands. These commands are very simple to use, just type in your chat window the command. Example: Typing “/go 3” will teleport you to the City of Junon Polis (value 3).

These are the commands you receive:

/go (1-27) = This command allows you to teleport to the diverse towns and cities of DOTC. It also is the command you use to get to the Premium Maps. Premium Maps are locations where you will fight boss type monsters and receive faster experience points. You will also find the Union Bazaar, a place to buy items that cost Union Points.  Note: Each Premium Map is related to another Zone. If the defenders of the Ruling Organization can't maintain control of such a zone, it becomes unavailable. So be sure to defend the maps related to the premmy zones.

/hair (0-25) = Changing your hairstyle is done simply by typing this command. You will be able to explore and change your hairstyle and look. More hairs will be added as the game progresses.

/face (0-35) = Much like Plastic Surgery, this command allows you to change your face and even add some expressions to your avatar.

/mystat or /mystat2 = A command to see how the MOB System and Server Systems classify your Statistics and Power. When you type "/mystat" it will give you a list of letters to use, much like the "/go". Here you will be able to specify what exactly you wish to know. Example: "/mystat2 aspd" = Attack Speed that the server systems classify you have.

/tt = When about to fight a native or creature, you always wish to know just how strong they are right? Well here is the command for just that. Target your enemy and enter this command to show you its status and power. This will allow you to pick your targets better.

/myloc = A command used to identify your location. It states the coordinates and map you are currently located in. "You are Here".

/ani (2-217) = The Animation command is used for dancing, prancing, and jumping around. Using “/ani 16” will allow you to jump over a fence or “/ani 14” which you can use to go under obstacles. These commands are also used for “Ani Combat”, a special way of fighting with commands which can stack up damage (extremely hard to master). There is no longer a need for dance scrolls, since “ani” commands allow you to dance and show off your cool moves.

(Note: Product expires in 30 Days. Keep track of your Premium Subscription for it expires. No notification will be sent when this product expires.)