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+500 Reward Points!

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Reward Points
Players purchase points that can be used to purchase items from the Item Mall NPC. The items range from fashionable gears to utility items that buff the user, drill items, costumes to change the user's look, refine equipment or weapons, and PAT items to travel the world, among others. These are intended to provide a variety of ways that users can enhance their online gaming experience.

You can buy from the Item Mall in the Daisy Shopper NPC located in Adventurer's Plain. (The items are changed every update.) Just visit the town and head towards the Item Mall NPC and buy the items you would like to have.

Several types of items are available in the Item Mall:

- Consumable Items: Item disappears after utilization, like Drills.

- Equipment: Items that can be equipped on a character. Equipment are items like Masks, Wings, Back shields, Armors, Costumes, Backpacks, Jewels, Ammo, Arrow and Clothing.

- Cart Items: Parts that can be used to drive carts with unique styles and attributes.

- Castle Gear Items: Parts that can be used to pilot Castle Gears with unique styles and attributes.

- Weapons: Unique weapons and shields that boost a player's experience.

- Refine Materials: Special items that allow a user to refine their equipment and increase game play, or strengthen their character.

- Gems: Gem item that can be slotted on equipments. You must drill and create a socket first.